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Pray with Passion

"pray with passion" - wanida

WHY Passion?  

The word passion is a powerful emotion which is said to reside in the heart, deep in a place which can't be influenced or swayed. When your passionate about something your focussed, full of enthusiasm and energy. Bringing focus, enthusiasm and energy into prayer can only benefit all and in turn boost your emaan in the long term.

5 Tips to boost your PASSION in prayer;

1. Ask Allah (swt), The Lord of the heavens, Lord of the Magnificent throne for that which you perceive is impossible. Whether it is asking your Creator to forgive your endless sins, move mountains or showering you with barakah...Ask and keep asking with sincere  assurance and remember   "you don't come before a King and ask for a penny"

Focus on triggers that ignite your deepest passion. A desire that is passionate and unwavering that only your Lord can grant you.

ex.  my true desire to embrace my parents once again in Jannah is an unwavering passion, a true desire within my soul. Channeling such a sincere passion helps fuel my focus, enthusiasm and energy within prayer.

Pray as if it is your last Prayer.  Imagine that these are the last few moments of your life therefor your last salah in this dunya. Imagine the green, lush gardens on your right. Imagine the heat, the smoke, on your left. Imagine a bridge under you, thinner than a hair and sharper than a sword.

Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the attributes of your creator..... "The Most Merciful, The Compeller, The Mighty, The Most pure, Holy"
 (read up on the names of Allah) 

Remind yourself continually that you are talking to The most High, The 'One' who created the heavens and the earth - your Creator and Sustainer. You stand before him, your facing Him and you are involved in a unique one to one dialogue with Him.

Let's bring back that enthusiasm into our prayers, bring back that excitement when your connecting with your creator and bring back the sincere love and taqwa in Allah swt. <3 <3 

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  • Kim McClary on

    I purchased your planner stickers…they are beautiful. Can I convince u to create more islamic planner stickers

  • Sidra on

    JazakAllah khairan kaseera. Such wonderful tips and heartfelt words.

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