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The Brand

emaanboost = design with passion + purpose

Wanida, founder and designer of Emaanboost a high profile Islamic design company also specialises in customized design concepts.  Emaanboost turns the invisible into the visible, a concept into a living feeling brand.

Wanida is a self-taught graphic guru. A Graphic design manager for many years and now a freelancer, lover of Islam, dawah, visual problem solving and personal growth.  After falling in love with Islam wholeheartedly, the need to simplify enhance and educate the world was real, hence the journey began with the creation of the first Islamic Planner in 2002.


Why emaanboost?  Emaanboost itself was born the year my mother past away. I had already lost my father at the age of 18 and at this point was left asking how do I keep going without parents to lean on, to consult or to embrace. By the blessing of Allah swt, the answer was in arms reach. All I needed was a boost, a daily emaanboost! To keep moving forward to better myself and to get back up and face lifeís hardships, challenges and struggles. No matter how small the emaan boost was. The impact of Islam in my life is the pure passion and fuel which ignites hope, productivity and gratefulness, which in turn is what I hope to share in our products.

We hope to boost you emaan, unclutter your mind and ignite a passion for productivity. 

Welcome to our journey. emaanboost "design with passion + purpose" xoxo

wanida, shaakira & ibraheem <3


Wanida is a Design Specialist who creates exclusive projects that capture the unique essence of the individual she works with.  It is about providing the ultimate collaborative experience with an authentic service that is win/win.  Design is about finding a solution to a problem, it is the real experiences between the milestones. It is all in the detail. The detail becomes the product. The detail becomes the connection that brings everything to life.  

"Success comes from an intentional desire to help others”.


graphics guru + designer + entrepreneur 

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