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de-clutter for ramadan

Time to declutter our physical/mental belongings and remind ourselves to live light. Light in our possessions, light on our dependencies & light in our hearts. Refine ones worship in the lead up to Ramadan by recycling good deeds, donating positive energy and ditching negative baggage. Bi-iznillah your positive energy will be the emaanboost that inspires others.

"live light" -  Wanida

Additional suggestions

Time to clean those forgotten items

Descale your kettle:

  1. Half fill kettle with fresh water and 1/4 cup white vinegar .
  2. Bring to the boil twice, or leave contents soaking inside the kettle over night.
  3. It will be sparkling clean in the morning! 
De-clutter those cupboards
  • throw away or replace any broken or cracked cups and plates. These are not only dangerous, but can be hold bacteria. Something  that u or your  family  don't want!

    Clean the Showerhead (yes!) 

    • Place Vinegar in a zip lock bag, then secure to the shower head with a rubber band and let sit overnight if possible
    • Removed bag and scrubbed it down if required. necessary. See this video on cleaning your shower head.

    Also see our "Ramadan cleaning tick of list" to get you started!


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    • sarah on

      Mashallah this was so inspirational, can’t wait to de clutter and prepare myself for ramadan.

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