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Ramadan Tracker - Sky Blue

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Newsticker material used within this pack

Material: Backing Board Cardstock

Method of use:   Encourage all children to start fasting or just participate, with the Ramadan Trackers today. Each set Includes over x40 stickers and a large Ramadan Tracker!!!

Write your name really BiG at the top and be inspired to fast OR just do good deeds every day and feel part of the spirit of RAMADAN! At the end of each Ramadan night, select a sticker that represents a special act you did, such as charity, fasting, prayer, even if you fasted half a day. great! Then place on your tracker!!  
Parents please, praise every little effort made this Ramadan and encourage your child to keep going. Praise is power!

Details of the pack: 

  • x1 backing board
  • A total of 40+ stickers

Suggested uses: 
1. Use Blu tack OR 3M Velcro (which is our preferred product as it leaves no residue) to put on your wall.
2. Write child's name on the backing board at the top.
3. At the end of each Ramadan night, your child adds a sticker

Size:  420mm x 200mm backing board + 35mm stickers

Quantity in pack: over x40 stickers + x1 Backing Ramadan Count Card

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