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Ramadan Doors to Jannah - DIY 30 day good deed pack


Material: Slightly Coated thick Card Stock

DIY Details of this pack: 

  • We have designed these beautiful prints on A3 Gloss Thick Card for you, comes as a set of x2 thick prints;
  • First Card Print has = x30 inspired doors (with reverse cut lines on the opposite side for an easy guide so you can slice along the white lines with ease, ps very thick card so don't be afraid to press hard when slicing)
  • Second Card Print has = 30 Good deeds. When placed behind the first DYI cut print allowed you to open the door to your good deed for the day
Additional information for uncut purchases;
  • The pack requires you to use a strong scalpel or strong blade!!!
  • Make sure you start by slicing all the long sides of all the doors first. (as it will be easier to slice the other two sides all the way into the corners)
  • While cutting on white lines on the reverse side of the doors you MUST, firmly press down with your blade against the ruler (which you should have aligned to the white cuts lines that are indicated)
  • After double-checking you have sliced all the way through, push the door slightly to the front side to ensure it opens. (ensure you sliced all the way through)
  • Hang up or place in a frame.
  • Then at the end of each night open one door to expose a good deed for that day.
  • The pack does not include the frame. Just a suggestion. (you can remove the glass of a frame and use it within the frame)

Additional information for FRAMED purchases;

    • The Card Design is hand-cut to ensure doors open for you and framed 
    • Please note we have hand-cut does the door sections for you but it does mean small errors when cutting or overcutting door shape ect. 

    Please note: the image is a digital illustration ONLY. It is used to illustrate the design. Also please note colours may vary from screen to physical copy slightly.

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