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Ramadan Nights Balloon - Air

Ramadan Nights Balloon - Air

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Ramadan Nights Collection

Make Ramadan special, don't let it pass by without maximizing and igniting a passion even if at least from your own home.

These Balloons may be filled with Air only!
(to be blown with air & hung on sting the walls.

NOTE: otherwise your balloon will appear upside down) Note: All our balloons are helium quality however if these balloons are filled with helium the only things that will happen is your balloon will appear upside down. :( hence read & select carefully)   

Designed for decoration at  Homes, Centres, playgroups, kindergarten's and offices. Improve the atmosphere almost anywhere, sure to bring an emaanboost to your EID celebrations.

Quantity: x9 mixed colours in-total

Our Balloons are:

  • Australian made products since 2002
  • TOP quality AAA grade balloons (no gas-alone smells or nasty chemicals)
  • Colour selected & hand designed by our Melbourne based graphic design guru 
  • Printed in Australia, following the highest quality standards
  • Hand picked by the team
  • Professional helium quality
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% biodegradable 
  • 100% pure natural latex

    Please note: the image is a digital illustration ONLY. It is used to illustrate design on balloons. Also please note, colours may vary/change without notice due to stock supplies.

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