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I'm fasting today! - reusable buttons

I'm fasting today! - reusable buttons


Material: Tin button + vynil reusable sticker

Method: Wear your "I'm fasting today" badge while fasting. When you would like to change or are not fasting anymore, just peal off you sticker to reveal you smiley face badge. 

Size:  23mm round

Quantity in pack: x10 Small badges per pack  

Details of seals: 

  • Consists of BLUE and PINK mixed prints
  • All on yellow smiley face backing badge
  • "I'm fasting today" is a vinyl re-usable sticker which can also be re-used for crafts and journals!

Suggested uses:  Wear on days you are fasting, gift to school friends, Pop in loot bags, encourage toddlers, fashionably worn by teenagers also, stickers can be used for crafting and journals.

Originally crafted for my little princess when she was a toddler. She wanted to fast for 10mins and feel the rewards of her achievement instantly. Hope you enjoy as much as my little toddler did and still does today as she shares these badges with her school friends each year!



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