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Ramadan to EID Balloon Countdown + Good Deed Pack


x31 Balloons in pack!

Ramadan to Eid Countdown + Good deed pack

Our designer Balloons are sure to bring an emaanboost to your EID celebrations. Producers of designer Islamic Products since 2002. 

These Balloons may be filled with Air only! (to be blown with air & hung on a string.

Our awesome pack comes with x30 Ramadan Pastel balloons, x1 Eid balloon x30 star numbered vinyl quality stickers + 30 deeds (one for each day to pop in the balloons) 


1. Blow up one balloon at a time, ensuring you place a Good Deed (paper scrolled up) into the balloon before sealing and tying balloon.

2. Hang each balloon from a single string from the ceiling (you can use 3M velcro for this, it's a removable option)

3. Once all balloons are hung up in a row, placed a vinyl number sticker in the middle of the geometric design in order from 1 to 30.

3 Place the last balloon which is an eid balloon at the end!

4. each day after iftar pop (or deflate) a balloon and aim to achieve that Good Deed written on the paper school before next maghrib evening.

Quantity: x30 balloons, x30 stickers, 30 paper deeds

Our Balloons are:

  • Australian made products since 2002
  • TOP quality AAA grade balloons (no gas-alone smells or nasty chemicals)
  • Colour selected & hand-designed by our Melbourne based graphic design guru 
  • Printed in Australia, following the highest quality standards
  • Hand packed by the team
  • Professional helium quality
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% biodegradable 
  • 100% pure natural latex

    Please note: the image is a digital illustration ONLY. It is used to illustrate design on balloons. Also please note, colours may vary/change without notice due to stock supplies.

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